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Should you be looking for outsourcing partner meant for software development in The european countries, then you are in the proper place. We offer near shore software program development in the heart of EU. For affordable prices you obtain high quality. How can you tell that this is true? How can you quickly butts us and get the proper picture.
Well, why not work only with Microsoft Professional Gold Partners. Why not use outsourcing for with Microsoft Certified Technicians in EU at affordable prices? Join our certified partners. We certainly have long experience in application developing and developers exactly who are Microsoft Certified Trainers, and are coaching other designers.
For the past 6 years we grew into one of leading Microsoft company Gold Partners in our country
Offshore software development
Given our comprehensive experience in software engineering and job management, our company can be trusted to deliver partial or complete life-cycle projects on time and within budget.
By offshoring a portion of their development must us, our customers gain a flexible and cost-effective source enabling them to increase item ranges, decrease time to market, and significantly lower advancement costs. SmartOutsourcing provides computer software development nerar shore, just offshore offshoring services encompassing the full software application life-cycle.

Requirement Analysis.
Architecture Design.
Project preparation, risk assessment and discharge negotiation.
Quality assurance (QA) and testing.
Maintenance and technical support.
Product enhancement and service release management.
Key Technical Skills
SmartOutsourcing is known as a custom development specialist. All of us specialize in the software development process, and have the ability to create total and integrated solutions meant for our customers. Our primary strengths are our project management methodology, software expansion methodology and technical skills.
This means that no matter what technical technical specs an outsourcing project possesses, we can give you the right people at the right price, and deliver projects on time and on funds.
Smart Outsourcing has significant development experience with the following technology, and more:
Programming Languages (ASP. NET, C#, VB. NET, AJAX)
Database systems (SQLserver, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
Technologies (Library and Framework development, Part Development, Software analysis and design, Web design and development)
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